SpeakyText FAQ.

We believe the world needs a new standard, each piece of content has to be in both text and audio format. We help you to output your best articles in the best format.

What is SpeakyText?

We believe good ideas worth publishing and all audiences deserve reaching them. This is the reason we created SpeakyText, a platform designed with accessibility in mind.

How can I publish an article?

Please watch our tutorial video, it is very simple. https://youtu.be/toZd8NPFGN8


How can I create an audio version of my text article?

SpeakyText has a unique “What You Hear Is What You Get” editor.
you can watch these video tutorials to know more.


Is SpeakyText free?

You can create unlimited blogs for free, however, you will need to buy points to use our audio editor for text to speech conversion.


Can I get free points to try the audio editor?

Sure, every new account gets 100,000 points which should be enough to publish 10 articles


What are points?

You need points to convert your text into audio, each point represents one character.


Can I publish guest posts?

Yes, you can create an account and publish your articles in both text and audio.


How can I publish my blog as a podcast?

Each blog you create on SpeakyText has an RSS link that you can apply podcasts directories such as Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts.