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How to write children's book

What encourages you to write a book for Children. Surely their happiness, fantasy, imagination and charm are the major reason behind choosing this genre of writing. Authors prefer to write non fiction and critical writing but, author who chooses to write for children have deep inside them a small child & kind heart. They try to parallel their inward child with the kid’s brain for whom he wants to write.  

Authors who win the hearts of their young readers become their life time heroes and unconsciously children remember all the authors they’ve read in their childhood with the book names. Boys who have inclination towards comic picture books remember their authors for whole life and young girls adore their girly characters made by the author o make their girlhood adorable. True happiness lies in the fact that author cherishes his reader to imagine his fantasy world, with illustrations in his night dreams. A child’s imagination power becomes robust when he gets to listen to his or her favorite fantasy full bedtime story books.