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New Startup Marketing Strategy For Incredible Growth


A successful startup marketing strategy will help you meet your business objectives in a more structured way through several dynamic components and actions that allow you to build a leading brand in your sector. But how to achieve it? Continue reading to know the rules that you must keep in mind and some new effective marketing techniques to boost your business.


1. Define your goals

This is perhaps the most important step; once your goals are defined, you can start to develop and implement enough tools to achieve them. These objectives must meet certain requirements, ensure that they are measurable and consistent with the needs of the business moment.


2. Determine your audience

If you want to tell a story that has an impact, you should know your audience; if you know what your audience is looking for then, it will be easier to communicate and publish the correct messages at the right time. It is important to keep in mind that conquering all kinds of audiences is not possible or not so easy. Therefore, you need to classify your buyers with attributes, characteristics, needs and personalized features.


3. Define the budget

A vital point in a startup marketing strategy; Knowing the budget from the beginning will help you define the scope and resources you can use. You can adjust actions and objectives according to the needs of the project. The most common is to divide the investment according to the channels that will be used according to its impact on the audience.


4. Make your action plan

With the above mentioned elements, you can start to determine what to do to activate your target customer. Remember that creating actions to get data is essential to generate conversion and, most importantly, to generate a relationship between the commercial of your business and the customer.


5. Measure the results

Measuring, evaluating and reviewing the results is a step that cannot be lacking in any marketing strategy. Analyzing the results is essential to achieve success because, depending on them, you can change and propose what is necessary.


Some effective marketing techniques in 2020


The storytelling will remain a trend in 2020 and a good way to include your digital marketing strategy is through the stories of Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp. Having stories that appear permanently in your followers' feed will make your brand always present in their minds. 


Instagram Stories and WhatsApp Status already add 300 million users worldwide. Your brand can use them to tell about releases, share trends and news with your followers, share links to products (something that cannot be done from the photos), give advice, tips, share recipes and any other content that you think is relevant for your brand.



Influencers will continue to grow in importance during 2020. Consumers increasingly base their purchase decision on the advice of these figures. Keep in mind to choose the profile of the influencer according to the strategy of your brand and the audience you are targeting.



Videos will continue to be the most popular format for content creation. According to the consultant HubSpot, 43% of users are willing to watch videos of the brands and 51.9% of marketing experts say it is the type of content with the best return on investment. Within video marketing, there are some trends such as Virtual Reality, 360° tours, live broadcasts and mapping (you can use them to grow your target audience and boost your brand.



Increasingly “smart”, virtual assistants became great allies when it came to getting more conversions and better customer service, making interaction with brands easier. They allow clearing doubts, solving problems and guiding users in the purchase process. While the industries that will grow the most with its use are tourism, banks and health, ecommerce can make great profits.


Virtual reality

This technology will be implemented more frequently by brands that want to end the boring e-commerce and provide a more immersive experience to their customers. A communication strategy that includes the VR allows the user to stop being passive and become the protagonist in an ad. In tourism, it is widely used so that the client can tour a city or a hotel room before booking it.


Email Marketing

Email Marketing is the tactic that is most used to nurture the relationship with satisfied customers. Although the marketing community disagrees about it, some of them think that this technique should be carried out in a non-intrusive way. If you think about it, intruder emails end up in Spam and it is considered not the goal.


Through email marketing, the digital marketing strategy seeks to keep the customer loyal to your products or services through consented emails. Let's talk a little in detail about the types of content with which we can maintain contact:

  • Newsletter: A periodic publication that keeps your customers informed about the news of your business periodically. This increases awareness of your brand and brings traffic to your website.

  • Emails for special dates: Emails for your client's birthday, Christmas, New Year.

  • Exclusive offers: If you have an offer, make sure your customers know it, they already know you! It is very likely that they incur purchase or recommend you.

  • Reminders: If a subscription or benefit begins or ends, let your client know kindly.


Now, you have some keys and techniques to create a successful startup marketing strategy; you can implement your plans to grow your business, remember that innovation and creativity will take you to the next level.