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Golden Keys To build Your Brand From Scratch


Image by Peggy und Marco Lachmann-Anke from Pixabay


What do Netflix, Red Bull, Apple, Amazon, Nike, Canon have in common? IBM...? All these companies have established themselves in the current market as reference brands.

Citizens around the world know what they will get when they see these brands. These companies have clearly defined what their mission was, what value they had, what audience they wanted to reach, what image to show, etc., and the truth is that it worked for them.

It is clear that you are not one of these large multinational companies. Although it is a good reference for you to know, reconsider and know how to build a good personal brand.

If you have a business project in mind, one of the first difficulties you must meet is the creation of a powerful brand, through which your clients, suppliers and associates identify you quickly.

It is important that you know how to build your brand through some basic steps or tips that we will detail.


Brand creation process

The choice of your company's brand is not something you should choose at random and simply because you like it. You need to choose a brand with which your clients will feel recognized. However, commitment to a brand is not a rational action, but an emotional one. Therefore, to know how a brand is made, you must keep in mind that what you must achieve is customer loyalty to it and that, in a medium / long term, that relationship remains alive.


6 tips to build your brand

Your own brand is the style you show yourself to the world. Below you will find 6 simple tips to build an attractive personal brand and stand out from the rest.


1. Define your target audience.

It is impossible to please everyone. The products or services you offer will satisfy a specific type of needs, a specific type of customer. Define very well, through a segmentation of the market, the audience to which your brand is aimed, to ensure good feedback and success.


2. Define your personal brand

It is the main thing you should do. You can brainstorm: who you are, what you want and what you can contribute to the world. Very important, you must determine what you want people to know about you. Visualize what you want to do and how you will achieve it.


3. Market yourself as a product

Now, you have established your personal brand, your goals and what you are going to offer and want to achieve; it is time to spread your message.


Buy a domain, create your own personal blog. Write interesting content. Be active in social networks. Join professional groups and organizations. Obtain certificates and take new courses to specialize in your area. You have to be an active part of your niche market.


4. Contacts

It is well known that contacts are essential to achieve anything. Good or bad, life often depends on who you know. Build relationships to promote yourself by word of mouth. It is one of the most reliable ways to improve your personal brand.


Today there are many options for networking both digitally and in person. Contact other people in your niche, go to events, participate in groups and communities related to your sector, interviews...


5. Consistency

Everything you do represents your brand. Constancy is essential if you want people to respect your personal brand. That means you must convey the same message at all times. Build a reputation that shows you are trustworthy, professional and consistent.


6. Highlights

Something very important to create a successful personal brand is to know how to stand out. You can look at how other people do it, but you should not copy them, you have to be creative and stand out, this will lead you to succeed with your personal brand, which will make you special and different. Surely you have something that makes you different from others, explore it, take advantage and make a difference.


To end

These are just some tips to build your brand and have greater access to quality employment. Now you just have to follow these tips and put them into practice to lead your life to professional success.


If you are interested in these topics and want to know more about personal branding, leave us a comment and we will create more content about this area.