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Best Guerrilla Marketing Strategies To Boost Your Business

If you have a small budget and want to start earning income with your blog, there are some guerrilla marketing strategies that can be very useful and with a relatively short-term return.

Starting a business based on your own brand can be very profitable, but it also costs a lot to get the balance. Above all, special attention must be paid to achieving that point without decapitalizing. Do you want to know what guerrilla marketing strategies you can start applying today? Let's go for it!


What is guerrilla marketing?

Guerrilla marketing is based on testing new concepts and ideas with your own resources and with a high dose of ingenuity to take advantage of others. That is ideal for a blog-based business.

These types of strategies are characterized by:

  • Low or no investment.
  • Multiply the effect of marketing actions through levers.
  • Potential Virality.
  • Fast execution and obtaining results.

As you can see, guerrilla marketing is a perfect solution for entrepreneurs and small businesses.


Guerrilla marketing strategies for entrepreneurs

If you understand the concept and reserve a couple of hours to work out a mind map of ideas, you can get spectacular performance from guerrilla marketing. So you can take a run, we leave you with a few ideas.


Idea # 1. Sell products and services with a high-profit margin

You want to bill $ 6,000 this month and you have 2 options:

  • Sell ​​1,000 units at $ 6 / unit, whose margin is 25%.
  • Sell ​​1 unit for $ 6,000, whose margin is 50%.

Regardless of the difficulties that one or the other option may entail, it is obvious that if we look at the numbers, the second is better. In addition, when you sell a product or service with a very low margin, you have to get a larger number of customers to keep your cash flow alive. That is, to be able to have cash to go pulling.

In the case of a blog, the ideal is to grow your subscriber list as much as you can (it is the input of your sales funnel), but then you have to offer them customized solutions, with different prices, and better if the margin is bigger.

Think about this.

Imagine a business that lives from the sale of plastic tops. It is an interesting type of business, although seasonal, but that leaves very low-profit margins and that requires many sales before generating profits. However, if you sell products or services that allow you a high margin, you will earn much more money with fewer customers.

If you expand your profit margins, you can be more demanding with your clients and choose who you work with, since you may not need more than 5 or 10 clients. As you can see, for this guerrilla marketing strategy you don't need anything you don't already have or can't have shortly.


Idea # 2. Seek alliances with third parties as a guerrilla marketing strategy

Many times we think of marketing plans, we focus on everything that has to do with social networks, blogs, search engine optimization, email marketing and advertising, which often makes us forget the importance of building alliances with other entrepreneurs, beneficial for both sides. These relationships can be an excellent lever for your business, especially when you are starting.


You can do it in 2 ways:

  • Partner with peers:  look for bloggers who offer something very similar to your product, but don't become a direct competitor. That is, they address your same customer profile, but offer different solutions.
  • Affiliates: they are bloggers who have built a strong personal brand and have a very large and quality audience. You can pay a percentage for each sale made by this partner through a special affiliate link.

If you combine both guerrilla marketing actions, imagine what you can achieve...


Idea # 3. Give your client a reason to continue paying

One of the most interesting revenue models is subscription, where the customer pays a monthly fee to use a product or service. It generates constant revenues that allow the business to be maintained.


You may not need to have a recurring income or do not have a product/service that allows you to implement this model, but it is good that you extend the life cycle of your client to the maximum possible.


In that case, diversify your offer with other products or services like the ones we suggest:

  • New products.
  • Coaching / mentoring sessions.
  • Consultancy.
  • Training.
  • Technical services (design, programming, copywriting ...).

Or you can offer a series of different products/services that start from the beginner level to the intermediate and advanced level. As a kind of training itinerary, development plan, or something like that.


You already know some of the most effective guerrilla marketing strategies that exist. It only remains that you put them into action.