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All You Need To Know About Social Entrepreneurship

All social entrepreneurship is an initiative that was born to promote and strengthen the development of a community, from the social, economic, generating better quality of life for all its inhabitants.


What is social entrepreneurship?

The term social entrepreneurship should not be confused as something rigidly established for each of the communities equally, on the contrary, it is variable because it depends on the development of each place and the priorities that its inhabitants have established.

Day by day, this innovative initiative extends more among society seeking to solve the problems of the environment or of an economic and social nature, so that every time we hear more about social entrepreneurship.

Each proposal of social entrepreneurship is a challenge, where the only goal and end is the best quality of life, not only individuals, rather, looking for new alternatives to obtain collective benefits.

One of the premises of social entrepreneurship is that, although it must be economically viable, it must generate an impact on the community, socially speaking, this is its main difference with economic entrepreneurship.

The market receives from the companies with the social impact a certain amount of products, services and consumer goods basically according to the following characteristics:

  • The reason for the commercial activity is of collective interest and it is precisely the social objective, which is achieved through social innovation and the production of services and goods.
  • To realize the social objective they also rely on the reinvestment of the benefits obtained.
  • The form of ownership and the way in which they are organized are also the reflections of the social objective.


The social entrepreneur

A social entrepreneur is a person who is looking for a solution, in an innovative way, to a need of the community or to a social problem that arises, through a sustainable way of producing some good or service that of a clear solution to the requirements and that optimize the quality of life of the inhabitants.


As it should be?

  • This social entrepreneur can be characterized as a proactive person, passionate, very confident in himself and in his idea, flexible and dissatisfied because he is always in search of new and better ways of doing things.
  • Thus, social entrepreneurs are always looking for a change, a new way to improve the living conditions of less fortunate people, through improving the community where they live.
  • They are responsible for creating value for each activity they execute, they will not always have it easy.
  • It is very important the security they have about the idea they develop to achieve their goals and get their business project underway. On many occasions, they can be visualized as true heroes because of their efforts, even with many people and situations against them.


Social entrepreneurship examples

The world is full of innovative examples of social entrepreneurship, developed with the main objective of doing better and better, some that can be mentioned are:

  • Allowing greater access to high-quality education through the internet for free, to ensure the economic sustainability of the project, it uses strategic partnership relationships with advertising companies and affiliate marketing.
  • Facilitate financing to groups of communities around the world through the collection of donated books and their subsequent sale through the internet.
  • The creation of a device for injecting without using needles, specially developed for use in third world countries, which avoids some type of injury and the possible spread of diseases.

Some famous social entrepreneurs are related to the world of computing, telecommunications and social networks, including Steve Jobs (Apple), Bill Gates (Microsoft) and Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook).

Each of them has demonstrated its social initiative by promoting projects to implement computer development and training programs and to contribute to the fight against poverty.


Advantages and benefits of social entrepreneurship

The advantages and benefits of social entrepreneurship are undeniable, some of them are:

  • The social entrepreneur is recognized by society as a person, or company, capable of solving a collective problem through an innovative change in their environment.
  • They help many people to solve local situations and giving satisfaction to their needs through ingenious arrangements in areas little effective in the market.
  • They are agents that enhance social progress and the transformation of a community to improve the quality of life of its inhabitants.
  • Its passionate nature allows social causes to be important as an object of improvement, for which they develop projects aimed at concreting them and obtaining both social and economic benefits.

Some might think that the idea that an organization or company can aim to care for and improve the environment and simultaneously obtain economic benefits is not very credible. That is why the importance of social entrepreneurship for the business world is more demanding.

Social entrepreneurship raises innovative solutions, solves common problems, improves the quality of life of hundreds of people and makes this a better world.