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5 Easy Team Building Activities That Your Team Will Love

At present, employee motivation is key to the company's productivity. And that ability to involve workers, motivate and encourage them is the secret of success, at the same level or more than internal promotion or economic compensation. But motivating does not mean shouting or giving epic speeches to employees. Nothing of that. Motivating means trust, means teamwork, means cooperation, means cohesion and, why not, 'fun'. With fun, everything is easier.

That is why companies have signed up for the fashion of the 'team-building' with activities carried out outside working hours and that promote a good atmosphere, cooperation, creativity, resolving capacity, teamwork ... without a doubt, some improvements that will increase the productivity of your company and, in passing, the retention of talent . We present five easy team building activities that will help you motivate your team:


The fashion of the 'escape room'

The escape room is a trend throughout the world. That of leaving a room following clues, deactivating a bomb or avoiding being 'killed' and feeling as if you were the protagonist of a movie calls people. And that call has also reached the companies that, increasingly, use this formula when it comes to building the motivation and team spirit that every company or business needs. An 'escape room' offers very varied benefits: from, obviously, teamwork, through skill, intelligence, problem-solving... and even solvency in stressful situations.


Paintball or laser combat

Hilarious that of shooting, hiding, jumping, lowering, rolling ... which war movie, who doesn't like it? A very complete activity in which employees will develop skills such as teamwork, peer protection, skill, agility ... and exercise is also encouraged in a world in which physical well-being and healthy living are becoming increasingly important among the strategies of the companies. The activity is usually completed by commenting on the 'battle' and, on many occasions, with a good barbecue. In addition, if employees do not feel like staining with paint, there are now companies that organize these 'wars' with laser guns.


What better than a barbecue?

And that, a barbecue, is another of the easy team building activities that can be done. The best option for a sunny day may be to spend the afternoon between meat, music and a great atmosphere. That is what will be encouraged in the barbecue, a fantastic atmosphere. In this activity, everything has a place: from conversations of private life to the organization of games or activities foster 'good vibes' and connectivity between coworkers.


The sports team option

It may seem like a tradition but it does not stop being effective. Using team sports to motivate a workgroup is a great initiative. Soccer, basketball, volleyball, tennis, golf or paddle, these sports are so fashionable. The level does not matter, the main thing is to have a good time and also exercise our physique. The competition, always treated in the healthiest way possible, will improve the skills of your team in terms of motivation and as with paintball, the best comes to the end, with a snack and the comment of what happened in the game of the day. Incidentally, we have already mentioned before, the practice of sport is encouraged.


Extreme sports: rafting, bungee jumping, canyoning...

In the most dangerous and dramatic situations is when the best of each one comes out. And why not test your team in risky activities such as rafting, canyoning, skydiving or bungee jumping? The first of these, in addition, will improve the organization and capacity of teamwork of the workers and, the others will cause colleagues to tip over with those who suffer most from vertigo, fear of water. This will help foster an environment of collaboration, cooperation and concern for teammates.

If you feel you don't like doing any of these activities or, simply, you can't do them, a snack when you leave work is always a good option. Of course, both in this and in other easy team building activities, the most important thing is to disconnect so ... it is forbidden to talk about work!